Criminal Defense

To successfully defend against criminal charges in St. Johns County you need a St. Augustine criminal defense attorney with courtroom experience. Attorney Christy Opsahl is a former prosecutor with extensive trial experience. She handles a variety of criminal offenses, including misdemeanors, felonies, and juvenile delinquency.

Ms. Opsahl has experience handling cases with a variety of sentencing enhancements, such as Habitual Felony Offender (HFO), Habitual Violent Felony Offender (HFVO), Violent Career Criminals, 10-20-Life, and Prison Releasee Reoffenders (PRR).

Types of Crimes

• Assault

• Battery


• Drug offenses

• Domestic Violence

• Sexually motivated offenses

• Property Crimes

• Theft

• Fraud

• Felonies

• Juvenile Delinquency

• Weapons offenses

• Homicides

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